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Nami ryu Instructors Seminar 2015

Nami ryu Aiki Heiho 2015 Instructors Seminar, Encinitas, CA. James Williams Sensei pictured at center.

Dojo of the Southern Wind is an official Nami ryu Aiki Heiho dojo under James Williams Sensei of Encinitas, California. Williams Sensei is one of the top proponents in the world of Japanese sword and unarmed combat arts. Nashville Aiki-jujutsu was founded in 2009.

Our curriculum includes practical Aiki-jujutsu applications which are subtle and extremely effective. These techniques remain true to their original purpose and principles, which are firmly rooted in a world where edged weapons were the norm. Nami ryu is well suited to law enforcement and military as well as home defense and personal self-defense.

Nami ryu Aiki Heiho is based on Japanese sword arts (kenjutsu, iaijutsu and tantojutsu), the principles of which directly apply to the unarmed martial arts (Aikijujutsu) that were the exclusive martial arts of the samurai. Later these arts formed the basis of modern arts including Brazilian Jujitsu and Aikido.

Rates & Payment

Dues can be paid in either monthly or yearly payment schedules. Discounts are available for active police, military and full time students.

We invite you to experience Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho by attending two free classes. For more information contact us through the website or call 615-293-8369.

Private instruction is also available.



We are located at 4001 Harding Pike/WestEnd Avenue and Cherokee Road, Nashville Tn inside the Massy Commons Room inside the Massy Building on the Montgomery Bell Academy Campus.

Nami Ryu Instructors


brian-and-senseiBrian Williams sensei has over twenty-five years of combative training and his appreciation for the samurai arts led him to Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho.  Brian has been training directly with James Williams sensei, Kaicho of Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho, since 2009.  A veteran of the United States Coast Guard, Brian has worked in law enforcement since 2005 and developed and instructs an advanced soft-empty hand control course for law enforcement using the principles and applications of Nami Ryu.





dscn0171_greggGregg Garret
 has been training in Nami Ryu since 2009. In addition to training, Gregg works for the Department of Veterans Affairs as the Manager for the Cardiopulmonary Section. He is also an avid hunter, fisherman and United States Air Force veteran.








JJ Ebarb has been training in Nami Ryu since 2012. JJ has also been a student of the Korean martial art of Hapkido and of western fencing. JJ is a combat veteran serving with the 101st Airborne Division during the first gulf war.